___thinkingthin (___thinkingthin) wrote in ed_ucate,

I was just wondering if anyone knew the incidence of bulimics that actually lose weight doing so. It is probably a really hard thing to really come up with any concrete data on for a number of reasons. But I always wondered, because I know I personally lose weight binging/purging (I don't exercise much, save for walking around campus and I don't take pills) but I know a lot of bulimics either gain or at best, maintain their current weight. What might be the reason for the discrepency?

One thing that I personally hypothesized was that the girls that are interested in weight loss purge more... thoroughly? Like I freak out as soon as I am done binging and run to the bathroom. I can purge without a problem until I am dry-heaving and am hungry again thirty minutes later, so is it possible that the bulimics who gain are just less adept at purging, or less concerned with "getting it all out?"

I've just always wondered, because all anoretics have low BMIs, but bulimic BMIs seem to range from underweight, to normal, to overweight. I know there aren't many bulimics in this community, but if you (or anyone that understands how this could be) could explain this variation to me, I'd really like to find out why.

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