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body-positive radio show

Got this from Doris Smeltzer, who lost her daughter to bulimia in 1999 and authored a book titled "Andrea's Voice." I actually knew Andrea in college. She'd been bulimic for "only" a year when she died of a heart attack.

Every Monday at 1PM (PST) on VoiceAmerica™ Health & Wellness

Savor Yourself...beyond skin deep
Debuts Monday, January 21st

To savor something means to "delight in," to absolutely "enjoy!" So why not Savor Yourself? Author and internationally acclaimed speaker, Doris Smeltzer (MA, MFTI) brings her message to the airwaves with Savor Yourself...beyond skin deep.

Plan to spend an empowering hour with Doris and her world renowned guests where you will learn to recognize YOUR worth and YOUR beauty, beyond society’s limited "one size fits all" mentality.

Missed the Live Shows? Episodes are rebroadcast at 1am Pacific and each show is archived within 24 hours for on-demand listening.

a link to the show, once it's up

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