Fitzy (with an X) (fitxy) wrote in ed_ucate,
Fitzy (with an X)


Age: Seventeen.</p> Gender: Female.</p> Height: 5'1'' (short is fun)</p> Weight: 118 (fat is not)</p> BMI: 22.3</p> ED: Can't say for sure. ED-NOS? I restrict calories/fast, but I'm prone to bingeing, as well. Purging is rare because of my lack of privacy. My most "ED"-like habit is not eating until after I've gone to the gym, and then only eating less than the calories I burned on the treadmill.</p> Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: I was in therapy for a while (for many reason) and my "unhealthy" eating habits/body image were discussed, but never diagnosed with anything.</p> My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: "I'm SOOOO fat" posts, (Yeah? What else is new?) the "I ate too much, what should I do?" posts, (If you really had an ED you'd have a way to deal with it), the "I <3 U GRLS STAY STRONG" posts, and how half these girls spell "lose" as "loose".</p> Questions/comments/concerns: Not really, just glad to see someone with some sense of reality. </p>

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