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Reminders/motivators for recovery?

It's possible that there has been some sort of discussion here before about this here... I browsed through the memories - albeit briefly - but let's be honest, this community has had quite a few discussions on the topic of recovery.

Anyhow, I'm wondering if anyone here has or would do something to serve as a (constant) reminder of why they are in recovery/are seeking recovery, or of why they want to remain recovered. I've heard of people journaling their positive experience and/or writing lists of all the positive reasons why recovery matters, as well as having friends/family do the same thing for them, written or verbally. My sister has a friend who wrote herself a positive note on a Post-It every purge-free day of her freshman year of college and stuck them up all over her room. A friend of mine had a "recovery party" when she reached six months straight of maintaining a healthy BMI.

I'm interested because I've been contemplating getting a memorial tattoo for my mother, which in addition to honoring her is something I believe will remind me why it is so important that I keep working at recovery (I'm actively bulimic at present). I know other people have gotten tattoos of things like the ANAD logo or things of that nature (e.g. Polly in the HBO documentary Thin).

How many of you have done or do things like this to motivate yourself in recovery? If you haven't, would you? Do you think constant reminders of recovery would serve as effective motivators for you?

P.S. (Off topic) I used to be on here as _at_first_sight but I sort of fell off the radar for a while. Friends, both old and new, are always welcomed.

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