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Eating Disorder Education

ed_ucating LJ since 2005

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The purpose of this community is educational and intellectual. We are here to provide an atmosphere of learning to anyone who is interested in eating disorders, whether from a scientific or an experiential point of view. Everyone has something to learn.

What you will find here:
  • a no-nonsense attitude towards self-diagnosis
  • criteria that will allow you to properly self-diagnose
  • appropriate questions
  • other people who have, or are interested in, eating disorders
  • recent articles about EDs
  • discussions on ED topics
  • prose about ED topics
  • creative pieces (see guidelines)
  • an atmosphere where it's OKAY to laugh at ourselves and others without it getting unnecessarily catty
  • an occasional promotion of an appropriate community

What you will not find here:
  • "thinspiration." There are a billion other communities to post pictures of Paris Hilton. Don't do it here
  • tips, tricks, or enabling of wanarexics. We do not encourage the development of EDs, as if that was possible
  • trashing of wannabes. There are other communities out there to do just that - focus on keeping a mature atmosphere


  • This is now an open community. Please familiarize yourself with all community rules before posting.
  • Informational posts should be left public; anything personal or discussion oriented should be made friends only. If in doubt, lock it.
  • If you are not disordered, we still want you to participate! Ask questions, ask for clarification, challenge ideas, and add feedback!


Things that piss us off
  • AOL speak and bad posts. If you KNOW that you are completely unable to spell, use the spell check option. However, this does not mean that if someone's post has a few minor errors that you should feel the need to point them out. Let sensibility and manners be your guide.
  • the promotion of EDs as a lifestyle
  • the terms "ana" and "mia" - please call your disorders by their proper names.
  • people who insist that realism is unsupportive.
  • rude, trashy, ignorant behavior. Posts will be deleted that are unnecessary and uncalled for.
  • insulting different body types. Do NOT make weight based insults or jokes. We have no tolerance for this.

The bottom line:
This community was founded on the principles of spreading correct information, especially eating disordered criteria. We are dedicated to proper self-diagnosis; anyone coming here with the intent to troll, ignore criteria, or purposely spread misinformation will be dealt with accordingly. Abuse will be reported. If you are having problems with a post or another member of this community, do NOT instigate conflict - bring the issue to a mod's attention.



Please note: None of the mods have medical degrees, nor do we claim to know everything about EDs. However, we live with EDs and have the ability to use proper sources and share knowledge. Self-diagnosis and diagnosis over the internet is generally a bad idea - but if you're going to do it anyway, you might as well do it properly.

We do not encourage the development of eating disorders. In fact, through education we hope to stop people who are TRYING to develop them. We don't offer tips, tricks, or any knowledge that would help someone who does not have an eating disorder procure one - because that is impossible.

If you are having a problem with another member or with a post:
- keep your temper and politely discuss this with the member in question
- email a moderator (address above)

If you are having trouble navigating the community, find a broken link, have support questions:
- please see our support community ed_u_mods

 Those who have donated to the community (thank you!):


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